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Miss Cuit came to life in a kitchen’s apartment and was born from the love for drawing and baking. The hobby that grew to become a small business, has once occupied a lot of my time. And now it has return has an occasional hobby. My sweet creations are becoming rarer, so I decided to close Miss Cuit’s blog.

My cookies and other sweets, future and past, will remain available on my Facebook page, on Pinterest and on Flickr. I will try to migrate the main content, the tutorials essentially, on Facebook, in addition to the photos that are already there.

Finally, I would like to greet and thank all the people who supported and accompanied me during this great cookie adventure. Your encouragement, your kind words and your time were incredibly valuable. Miss Cuit has allowed me to learn so much and to meet people from all over the world, whom I will keep in memory for a long time.

Thank you!!!


(Astuces pour des biscuits « Kawaii »)

I’m very drawn to kawaii drawings and I’ve decorated many cookies using this style before. Cute faces, adorable wide eyes… I would draw them on everything!   So here are few tips to create your own characters, based on my own comprehension of what Kawaii designs are.




(Sucreries et gribouillis)

It’s only recently that I learned the word « doodle » and it’s meaning in English. I love doodling, whether I’m on the phone, during long meetings at work or while watching television. Here is the result of my latest TV night:




(Village en pain d’épices)


This year, I was approched by the clever and talented Rebecca, aka The Cookie Architect, to be part of the Gingerbread village project for Christmas.

I decided to go with a classic painting with food coloring on dry royal icing. Even if it isn’t very obvious, I was inspired by Mucha’s artwork and I tried to give it a vintage twist.


Here’s my Santa Claus gingerbread facade:

Santa village


Check out the full project album here.


Huge thanks to Rebecca for assembling this fabulous village! I look forward to working with you again!


(Monstres au beurre d’arachides à colorier)


In my early days of cookie decorating, I tried and used many recipes. This autumnal set of peanut butter cookies, decorated with chocolate royal icing, was a real hit! But since then, I never baked peanut butter cookies again…



(Invitée: Un Chat dans un Gâteau avec The Cookie & Cake Factory)

I see and speak about cookies everyday. I’m also part of discussion groups about… cookies! While I was participating to a cookie swap, I was lucky enough to receive two amazing sets of cookies from Karla aka The Cookie & Cake Factory,  a fellow decorator from Mexico.

Karla create the most appealing designs, always colourful and joyful. I’m pleased to have her has a guest for this great tutorial about a Cat in a Cake! (suite…)


(Invitée: Fleurs de D. Sweet – Handmade Creative Cookies)white

I discovered the talented Paula, from D. Sweet – Handmade Creative Cookies, a while ago. Instantly, I thought her cookies had that little something that made them extra adorable and sweet. It was love at first sight!

I was thrilled when she sent me this tutorial. Even though we’ve never met (Paula lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I’m in Montreal, Canada), I found out we follow pretty much the same creating process.

Check out her super Cute Daisies and be prepared to add her to your favorite cookie decorators!


I would like to say that I am honored to be invited for this guest tutorial! Miss Cuit is one of my first cookie friend and we have met some years ago on Flickr, when I was beginning cookies decorating. I love her amazing work of art full of love and passion! Dear friend, I am so happy to share the same passion for cookies! I also would like to say that I am deeply grateful for this incredible opportunity! Thank you so much!

cutedaisie (suite…)