First, you have to believe me : I’m truly sorry for luring you to this page.


Until I can manage to have my own clone (you know how it goes: I don’t want a cheap one, my model is always backorder…), I probably won’t have time to translate every article I post.   If you can’t read French and if you can’t afford to send your clone on an exchange trip to Paris, you still can follow my page. I would be so happy to have you around here! You could use an online translator or google Chrome translation toolbar.




And I promise I’ll try my best to had a couple of articles or tutorials in English. Here is what I had time to translate so far:


How to apply icing with a paintbrush


Cookie on the cake!


How to paint on cookies 


The Evolution of the Cookie

Styling heads cookies


Icing vs edible markers


Tutorial: Roses and Poppies (easy)


Tutorial: The perfect cookie cutter for each project


Tutorial: Magic Painting


Guest post: Jacinda from Ali’s Sweet Tooth



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