Published on 22 May 2017, by in Autres, Événement.

Miss Cuit came to life in a kitchen’s apartment and was born from the love for drawing and baking. The hobby that grew to become a small business, has once occupied a lot of my time. And now it has return has an occasional hobby. My sweet creations are becoming rarer, so I decided to close Miss Cuit’s blog.

My cookies and other sweets, future and past, will remain available on my Facebook page, on Pinterest and on Flickr. I will try to migrate the main content, the tutorials essentially, on Facebook, in addition to the photos that are already there.

Finally, I would like to greet and thank all the people who supported and accompanied me during this great cookie adventure. Your encouragement, your kind words and your time were incredibly valuable. Miss Cuit has allowed me to learn so much and to meet people from all over the world, whom I will keep in memory for a long time.

Thank you!!!